Hijab Inspirations

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ

Gracefulstrides welcomes a Hijab Inspiration page for the fashionable Hijabi sisters. Hijab (the covering) is a duty and obligation upon us. In today’s “modern” “hipster” or “professional” environment wherever you may sit, we all do Hijab a little differently. Some of us have taken to the Ab’aya, Some of us Niq’ab, Some of us prefer the colours, florals, pastels, denims and pretties.

We know that Hijab is not just the head covering, but the concealing of our adornments or concealing of our shapes. Its about differentiation and about modesty, and grace and protection.

We have taken the initiative to encourage fulfilling the obligation of Hijab on our sisters in a way that fits your lifestyle no matter where you are.

ان شاء الله

Hijab is not just the way we dress

The word Hijab is best explained by exploring the concept of modesty. We, girls and guys are required to exercise a level of modesty in all our relations. Our social ettiquette, professional behaviour and human nature should be such that we attract the least amount of the wrong attention. In addition to #modesty, we need to adopt #respect. one of  doing this is to avoid checking out the next person and further – lowering the gaze.

Hijab, as we know it is, the physical outward expression of our inner character. It is the most visible form of modesty  – from the covering of the hair, to concealing our shapes and masking our beauty.

I have been questioned countless times on why anyone would voluntarily want to conceal themselves, especially in a world that promotes beauty and oozes sexuality.

Because Allah said so!

“And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that they should not display their beauty and ornaments, except what (ordinarily) appear thereof.” (24:31)

Almighty Allah has completed a perfect way of life for us, and has given us certain commands to attain the best of the treasures of the Hereafter. In Him to we trust and obey. Hijab is Allah’s commandment and in itself a form of worship.

Hijab is Freedom

Viewed as oppressive, many fail to realise that Hijab truly empowers every female with the ability to control how she is treated by the people around her. Hijab automatically creates a barrier between the “Hijabi” and her non – mahram. A line of respect is drawn. Immediately, people watch their language around the ” Hijabi”, echoes of apologies tend to fill the air when foul language is uttered or if someone oversteps a boundary. Any immoral behaviour is minimised when “miss Hijab” is around.

A woman controls who sees a her beauty and in that way is protected form the unlawful gazes, the unlawful conduct and any immoral behavior. Hijab is protection, Hijab is freedom, Hijab defines a muslim woman.  We are further freeing ourselves from a man made command of social expectations.

In essence, by by covering up, we demand self-respect from everyone around us. We do not allow ourselves to be judges by anyone’s standards , except the one who matters, the Almighty. Our respect and honour lie within our families and eventually with our spouses. Strange men do not take advantage of us, and we value that our spouses will not do the same to another.Our dignity and honour is maintained through the channels provided to us. Our self worth is amplified and our grace is admired.

As I mentioned, everybody does Hijab differently. And being in a 21st century, modern environment, we have sisters in different places. Symbols of Da’wah and Gems of Islam.

ان شاء الله

There will be Hijab Inspiration posts for you for any occasion up on this page. These looks are put together in encouraging our sisters to fulfill the obligation of Hijab within the context and society we find ourselves in.

May We all be guided in fulflling Allahs command to the best of our abilities and be taken from strength to strength. Ameen

Do it Gracefully




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