Not to be making any “red”  and  bold statements – but lets just be “clear”, nail polish is not a “haraam” act, but we need to consider why its considered a “taboo” within some islamic cultures.

Ablution & Prayer, Wudu & Salaah – These are the actions that are obligatory on us and it is said that the reason why this whole nail polish business is “taboo”. So essentially, the nail varnish, polish, enamel coats the nail and no water can pass through right? so how is your wudu complete and your salaah valid. This debate has been ongoing for eons and rightly so. Tested and proven and advertised – Nail polish coats the nail and that that for purposes of this discussion – is strictly not allowed in wudu & salaah.

Okay so – INGLOT developed a range of breathable O2M nailpolish,with no knowledge of the above and it suits us all fine, We can paint our nails and take wudu and perform salaah, but, then there’s the question of “what if I die” (a friend of mine says – only muslims ask this question frequently and so we must!), if you die, well, no one can remove the nail polish, as no chemicals are allowed in ghusl and do you really want to meet your creator wearing something you aren’t really sure is allowed or not? or put simply – you arent really in the  “natural” state you were meant to be in when meeting your creator, it is a pretty scary and involved thought!

Anyway indications from the Jamiat are that your wudu is incomplete,  even with the new developments and breathable status of the nail polish. Note: This isn’t a ruling and its not haraam, it is a guidance from our leaders –  My suggestion is to stay away from the “grey” area,  but what are the options available?

The good news is that you can use henna (i see you, rolling your eyes – but this was encouraged by the Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him) and of course there are other brands in the market which have been developed, and if you really want to be ‘doin your nails’ there’s is a brand called Tuesday in Love. This Canadian Brand is breathable and allows water to pass to the nail and is also peel off – score! Check out their website for more info – http://www.tuesdayinlove.com

Keep lookin’ pretty but whatever we do, lets do it with grace and haya, and remember Innamal a’malu binniyat, actions are dependant on their intention.  May Allah give us the understanding, Ameen,