My Prophet, OUR Prophet, My Muhammad, May Peace and blessings be upon him once said ” The Greatest Jihad, is to battle your own soul, to fight the evil within yourself. ”  
We can conquer the battle, as we all have the natural disposition, to DO good, BE good, WANT to be good, it’s just that there is always that whisper telling us, “we already good enough” or “tomorrow is a better day to start” – to recognize THAT voice, is half the battle won. 
Our Imaan, my Imaan, is weak, we have lots to do in this world to gain the best of Akhira, but how do we go about attaining the best results as weak creation? and Especially because we have this constant battle that occupies our hearts and minds?
What I mean by this is, lets clean out our hearts so that when you invite Allah and Islam in to the beautiful walls of your heart, there is no reason to leave, Would you like to spend even one night in a crappy broken down hotel room? Didn’t think so ya’ll! So how can we invite this Islam in to our hearts when it may be cluttered with the filth and dust of the world which we carry with us? Ofcourse – we need to secure dunya, but our primary objective is securing the best of akhira, Inshallah. 
So when i say ” Hit Refresh” what I am saying, is turn to Allah, for Allah loves those who turn to Him. What I am saying, is that we should affirm our faith at every given opportunity, so that we become strong enough to battle the nafs and desires that distract us. 
Just as we find so much satisfaction in downing a refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day, let’s find that same satisfaction in this kalima, لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُوُل اللّهِ.  La ilaha illa-llah, Muhammadu-rasulu-llahThere is no Allah but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Let’s make the intention, each and every day, that Ya Rab, we want to renew our faith today. Ameen! 
By removing all that is negative – La Ilaha, illa-allah and affirming that there is ONLY Allah, we can remove this love for dunya, and invite this love for Allah in to our hearts. And yes, we are weak, but if we keep refreshing and we keep turning back to Allah, we will be successful ameen, ya rab. This is love. Allah’s love. 
So arm yourself with intention to refresh, persevere with your nafs, use this kalima and keep turning to your Allah. And, Inshallah this battle will subside and we will be the victors of our nafs. 
Remember, the more we affirm our faith, and the closer we get to our Allah, the closer we are to our natural disposition and the easier it will be to fulfill our highest good, ameen ya Rabilaalimeen ❤

Searching for Signal


My iPhone died at about 2pm and out of pure habit, I kept looking at it every few minutes. What exactly was I expecting? A notification for.. Anything? Eventually I realised that Its always about that connection to the fast paced world that drives us, “home” is where WIFI connects automatically,what is the WIFI password?How exciting is it when you walk in to a public area and the WIFI notification of ” always on” appears?  …everywhere we go, whether we chillin’ or shoppin’, workin’, whatever it is, most of us are we looking to be connected to the world in someway or the other, whether its checking your email, browsing through social media, having a quick chat with your girls and guys, and there is nothing wrong with that obviously..but all that is Dunya (This world). And what is the concern of the believer? That which is the reward of Akhira,(The Next) the reward of Allah!

The Question: How do we gain these rewards for Akhira, wellll, its pretty simple..

The Answer:  Use that same energy to find connectivity with Allah, Subhanallah! If you want to talk with Allah, read Salaah, if you want Allah to talk with you, Read the Quraan. The fundamentals of faith.

Username and Password is one: Bismillahir rahmanir raheem. In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficial, the Most Merciful. #preachingfacts

And Allah says Allah (swt) says: “Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.” [Hadith Qudsi] ameen ya rab, how merciful is our Allah? 

So, I’m not saying abandon your Phone or tablet, lets just try to busy our hearts and minds with the remembrance of Allah. Its almost like, we need to become “always on souls” that are able to connect with Allah allday, errday! Perhaps your 5 times a day Private Chats with Allah strengthens that connection, so what about some browsing the speech of Allah for 5 minutes after each salaah? What about capturing that image of Nabi Muhammad SAW’s sunnah? Sending Salaam and Salutation to Nabi Muhammad SAW, we text while driving right? Send your duas and requests and thanks to Allah even when your energy is low, what is light on the tongue, is heaviest on the scales, Alhamdulilla, Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar ❤ 

We depend on Allah without even realizing it, make the remembrance of the Almighty that happens consciously and subconsciously, automatically connected and always on

Ameen, Ya Rab