Always & Forever

موضع إعجاب
"Literally " Admiration

How many times do we say "OMG I love this"
Admiration is a term used to express love, passion and even devotion 
towards...well, anything. but i say, we take a few minutes to consider 
redirecting some, if not all of that love to our Beloved Nabi  Muhammed SAW,May Peace and Blessings be upon him, Ameen.
He has been documented to be "a man who inspired unparalleled love" 
Someone whose character inspires and continues to inspire millions and we as Muslims have the privilege of calling him OUR Nabi, SO in being the night of Jumu'ah let us honour that privilege by sending greetings and salutations unto him.
Lets not neglect this practice as we all want to be close to our beloved Nabi SAW,don't we? Our Nabi SAW himself has told us that verily those closest to me on the day of resurrection, will be those who recited durood upon me. - Tirmidi
Ya Rabbi Salli Wasallim Da'iman ' Abadan ' ala Habibika Khari Khalqi Kullihimi
Literally, Oh our Sustainer, shower peace and blessings always and forever  on Your beloved, the best of all creation .
Ameen, Ya Rab