What’s your excuse?

So this morning I, like many others, considered “calling in sick” for work. For no real reason at all, except that I was a tad bit lazy to leave the comfort of my warm bed. And just then, the thought of my boss, looking at me with judging eyes and asking for that doctor’s note, was enough to get me out of bed and in to my car and – at my desk just before 8am. My point? #dunyaproblems

But it got me thinking, how many times are we going to be able to pull the “doctor’s note” out for missing our salaah and neglecting our obligations as muslims? I mean we will do anything in our power not to miss that boardroom meeting,but wheres our conviction in pleasing our Almighty Allah who loves us? (it’s the coffee – i know)

How can we even think of disappointing the one who loves us? #akhiraplanning

Just a thought…use it, don’t use it… use it though ❀



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